Phase I ESA reports in Florence, AZ

Florence, AZ, is one of the oldest towns in the entire state. Founded in 1866, it’s been a part of the greater Phoenix area since before the now sprawling metropolis was even settled. With such a long history, it isn’t surprising that the town has many historical attractions, sites, and properties. In fact, there are more than 25 buildings registered as part of the National Historic District within the town’s limits.

If you have any intention of adding your own structure to such a rich history, you’re going to need Phase I ESA reports in Florence, AZ. While the reporting isn’t required by law, it will protect you from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), and this is precisely why lenders in the area want the Phase I ESA report before signing off on any new construction. This applies to developed or undeveloped land.

To get the assessment, you’re going to need an environmental consulting firm that serves Florence. You need to look no further than Gutierrez-Palmenberg, Inc. GPI’s headquarters in Phoenix but we provide ESA inspections throughout the surrounding area.

What Is in Your Phase I ESA

Phase I reporting is a reconnaissance-level characterization. It looks over a property to establish environmental conditions. A Phase I ESA in Florence, AZ will identify possible contamination or other problems with the land parcel. With a skilled environmental consulting firm to assess the property, you will know if the property is safe for your project. Documentation regarding the environmental status of the land is reviewed and databases are checked to find out where underground storage tanks are. If toxic substances have been present, this is uncovered in the ESA.

The history of the property is also examined, and tenants, previous property owners, and current owners will be interviewed regarding any potential environmental hazards. 

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