Phase I ESA in Queen Creek, AZ For Real Estate

Queen Creek

Queen Creek is a 30 square mile suburb of Phoenix with plenty of commercial building opportunities that require a Phase 1 ESA for real estate in order for the sale of the land to become final. Phase 1 ESA’s are a necessity when buying a parcel of land for commercial use to ensure that the piece of land being investigated is acceptable for the project that is proposed.


If you’re looking for a firm to perform a Phase 1 ESA in Queen Creek, AZ you’ll want to choose a firm with experience. The Phase 1 ESA checklist will identify problems with the land parcel and possible contamination. With a skilled environmental consulting firm to assess the property, you will know if the property is safe for your project.


In order to purchase a piece of commercial real estate, a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment be completed to protect yourself and because most lenders require it. An Environmental Site Assessment in Queen Creek, AZ looks for all potential environmental hazards that may exist and protects both the seller and buyer in the event there is a hazard. To avoid issues with construction, and potential lawsuits, the Phase 1 ESA for your property will identify any issues before the sale is complete.


A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment in Queen Creek, AZ begins with a visit to the site to review the property – developed land will include looking at the current condition of any buildings as well as the land. If the land is undeveloped, the lot will be reviewed and check the current conditions. The property is compared to surrounding properties and previous property condition reports.

Databases are checked to find out where underground storage tanks are, and any documentation that denotes the environmental status of the land is reviewed. If toxic substances have been present, this is uncovered in the ESA.

The history of the property is also examined, and tenants, previous property owners, and current owners will be interviewed regarding any potential environmental hazards.

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