Phase I ESA in Peoria, AZ For Real Estate & More

Peoria is a larger community in metro Phoenix with over 100,000 residents. It also has a segment of the Agua Fria River – which means cold water – running along the western edge of Peoria. This makes investing in Phase 1 ESA reports critical for the success of any potential commercial real estate purchase.

Environmental Consulting

While not a great deal of water, any presence of moisture can lead to the spreading of potential contamination, so environmental consulting becomes that much more important in such a desert region. You will want to hire a knowledgeable environmental consulting firm serving Peoria, AZ. The city offers unique topography and geographical features best understood by local agencies.

Obtaining Phase 1 ESA For Real Estate

Before any kind of commercial real estate transaction can be completed it is necessary for a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment to be completed. This is not only for the sake of the community but for the protection of both the buyer and the seller. If there is an environmental hazard present it needs to be known. This will help prevent delays during construction, lawsuits, and the purchase of property that may not fit the needs of a commercial real estate investor.

GPI offers ESA inspections in Peoria, AZ. When hiring an environmental consulting and engineering firm, it is beneficial to bring on a local contractor. The local contractor who handles ESA’s for real estate has a better understanding of the region, how it reacts to shifts in the weather (especially between July and October as monsoon season can deposit a considerable amount of water and cause flash flooding).

What A Phase I ESA Usually Includes

For investors new to the area (or to commercial investing in general), it is important to understand what takes place during Phase 1 ESA reports in Peoria, AZ, and what a Phase 1 ESA checklist entails. First, a site visit is performed to observe both current conditions and compare to previous conditions of the property and neighboring properties.

From here, a review of all local, tribal, state, and federal regulatory databases is performed to identify any above or underground storage tanks, cases related to hazardous substances in the area, the release of dangerous wastes, and anything else related to the environment of the location.

Interviews of both current and past property owners and occupants is also performed. When the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assesment company completes the report, the information will be released, so investors and sellers have a complete understanding of the history of the property and any possible environmental issues connected with it.

Make Sure To Hire On An ESA Firm Prior to Sale

When in need of a Peoria, AZ environmental engineering firm for commercial real estate, GPI provides complete Phase 1 ESA reports, so both buyers and sellers are fully informed. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, book a service, or learn more about services offered, contact GPI at your earliest convenience.