Phase 1 ESA in Casa Grande, AZ

Situated between Phoenix and Tucson, Casa Grande, AZ serves as a popular residential option for commuters to both cities. Early in its history, this city of 57,232 shifted from a mining/railroad town to an agriculture-based economy. The need to keep this economy prosperous, coupled with the ongoing threat of a scorching desert climate, makes a Phase 1 ESA inspection in Casa Grande, AZ critical for any commercial real estate purchase.

Environmental Consulting

Even the smallest contamination in the local water can threaten the value and productivity of land in Casa Grande, AZ. Familiarity with the land and its features is a key element in identifying such issues. That’s why you’ll want to have a skilled, experienced Casa Grande, AZ environmental engineering firm conduct your Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.

Obtaining a Phase I ESA

Phase 1 ESA reports in Casa Grande, AZ can uncover hidden environmental problems, aiding property owners and residents alike. GPI, an environmental consulting firm in Casa Grande, AZ, uses skilled engineers who have a detailed understanding of the local climate, terrain, and weather — including the annual monsoons that can suddenly flood this normally parched part of the country. Most lenders require a Phase I ESA before completing the transaction.

What a Phase I ESA Usually Includes

Phase 1 ESA reports in Casa Grande always start with a site visit that compares the current condition of the area to its previous known condition. If the site has been developed, the structures are assessed. There are also interviews with local occupants and property owners to help to create a detailed, accurate report, from storage container placement to hazardous waste concerns. Undeveloped lots are also examined to determine the current conditions compared to previous.

Prior to Any Sale Hire an Environmental Engineering Firm

Make a conversation with GPI your first step toward your next commercial property purchase. Call to schedule a consultation, set up an evaluation or learn more about why you need a Phase I ESA.