Phase I ESA Reports in Glendale, AZ

The city of Glendale is more than just the home of the Arizona Cardinals. It hosts a number of large corporations and has land available throughout the city for companies looking to relocate to the metro Phoenix area. This city of a quarter-million people is shaped in a backward “L” and crosses over the Agua Fria River. This large, open space makes it prime for additional development. However, prior to any land sales, it is very important to perform an ESA inspection in Glendale, AZ. This is especially true as the Glendale Landfill is located nearly right in the middle of the expansive city.

Environmental Consulting

Whenever water is present, especially in Arizona, it is very important to utilize an environmental consulting firm in Glendale, AZ. While a Phase I ESA is required by law it is critical to identifying any current, former, or potential threat to the land and the local environment. Water levels of the river will vary significantly throughout the year, dropping to a low point in late June and rising dramatically during monsoon season.

Obtaining A Phase I ESA

Before the sale of any real estate, Phase I ESA reports in Glendale, AZ are required by most lenders. This is done for the protection of the buyer, seller, and the community in general. The report identifies hazards present that will need to be addressed and remedied.

What A Phase I ESA Often Includes

With the help of GPI, a Glendale, AZ environmental engineering firm, the Phase I ESA will research local, state, tribal, and federal regulatory databases regarding the presence of underground storage tanks, plus any historical connection to hazardous substances. Additionally, interviews are also conducted.

Hire On An Environmental Engineering Firm Prior To Any Property Sales

When it comes to real estate sales in Glendale, GPI offers Phase 1 reports and knows the area better than outside environmental firms.